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Mad Dog Moeller 1988 S&M creator and all round legendĀ 

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Dont call it a come back

Well after a very long brake from this blog its time to breath some new life back into it.

I may not of been a great racer nor a gifted Freestyle rider, but I love riding my BMX weather its to work or the pub with mates I can always rely on my bike to get me thereĀ 


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Laced will have a new bike for the Dropouts show

watch for the progress

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Not Bmx but its awesome

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Dragons Blood

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SE x Oakley

New colab on the horizon. Oakley have but their touch to a PK Ripper, boring ! it’s been done. There are so many worthy bikes out there from the 80’s, why does everyone jump on the PK? they weren’t that good to begin with!

here it is.

Looks like alot of original thought went into this one. What a waste…..

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